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Midem Daily News, January 22, 2003
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Midem Daily News, January 22, 2003
Major Revival


MAJORSONGS, one of the top US music catalogues, is at MIDEM for the first time, to meet the 16 sub-publishers it has appointed around the world in the past six months. Majorsongs is the publishing house of songwriter Carl Sigman who died two years ago, aged 91. The company has been taken over by his son Michael, who is running it with his mother Terry – and two other family members.

Carl Sigman is perhaps best known for songs such as Ebb Tide, It’s All In The Game, and the English version of What Now My Love. He also collaborated with Francis Lai on Love Story, and his songs have been performed by some of the greats of the entertainment business.

Until last year, sub-publishing was administered separately, but since taking over, Michael Sigman has been putting it into the Majorsongs stable.

Among leading sub-publishers seen at MIDEM were Windswept (UK), Halit Music France, Fuji Pacific Japan, and Café Concerto (Italy).