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Billboard, August 17, 2002
Bugging A Major
BY Jim Bessman Billboard Writer


Bug Music will administer the copyrights of Major Songs, the ASCAP-affiliated company headed by Michael Sigman (Billboard, April 27). The firm owns the majority of the writer’s share of the key songs written by Sigman’s late father, Carl Sigman, and is adding others as their renewals come due.

Major Songs has also signed several contemporary writers, including the songwriting duo of Thomas Beatty and Gabriel Kahane, two Brown University students who wrote “Straight Man,” which won the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival’s Musical Theater Award-the nation’s highest honor for a college musical. Additionally, the firm has administration deals pending with major publishers in Japan, the U.K., Germany, France, and Sweden.

Sigman now wants to demo some of his father’s lesser-known compositions with an eye toward the Nashville market and is soliciting new versions of Sigman classics. To this end A&R veteran Gregg Geller is producing a three-disc Carl Sigman overview for use as a promo piece.