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Echoes of Narcissism

– – – “I’m the greatest man in the world.” Will Ferrell’s goofball character in the basketball spoof “Semi Pro,” upon incorrectly concluding that the team he owns will be joining the NBA According to myth, Narcissus became the first narcissist when he stared deeply into a reflecting pool and fell in love with the […]

Face Facts, Not Facelifts

– – – “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” — Albert Einstein I met a 92 year-old woman shortly before my father turned 90. When I told her my dad’s age, she sighed, “Aaaah, to be 89 again.” There’s little correlation between how old we feel and our […]

Lying Strategery

– – – 2,500 years ago, when The Buddha called for “right speech” as an ethical cornerstone, he wasn’t referring to orations by conservatives. His message: happiness is based on the ability “to abstain from false speech and especially not to tell deliberate lies.” Trying to live this way doesn’t stop me from begging off […]